Heat Exchangers

Thermal Transfer Corporation supplies custom designed gas-to-gas and gas-to-liquid heat exchangers to accommodate a broad spectrum of temperature and pressure conditions. Our extensive experience in the design of bare and finned tube, tube-and-shell and continuous coil heat exchangers assures product quality and performance, even in the most stringent heat transfer applications. Thermal Transfer Corporation has provided heat exchangers for a wide variety of applications including solar receiver, rocket test facility, clam shucker furnace, wind tunnel, hydrogen preheater, space heater, catalytic reactor and other specialized systems.

One type of heat exchanger used primarily on municipal fluidized bed sewage sludge incinerators is a cylindrical design arranged with the hot waste gas flowing vertically down inside large diameter tubes. The fluidizing air enters at the bottom and is baffled in a counter cross-flow pattern across the outside of the tubes. A large round expansion joint near the bottom absorbs overall tube bundle growth, while individual tube expansion joints absorb differential tube growth.

Heat Exchanger Applications

  • Sewage sludge incinerators
  • Hazmat incinerators
  • Thermal oxidizers
  • Carbon black furnaces
  • Catalytic reactors
  • Regeneration gas heating
  • Oxygen preheating
  • Gas preheating
  • Aluminum furnaces
  • Aerospace applications
  • Ceramic and refractory kilns
  • Food industry furnaces

Materials of construction for the primary heat transfer surfaces are selected based on operating temperatures and chloride concentrations, and typically range from type 310 stainless steel to alloy 625 material.