Fired Heaters

For over forty years, Thermal Transfer Corporation has supplied fired heaters for a wide range of industrial applications. Each is custom-made for the specific conditions involved, taking into account process and material temperatures, flow distributions, corrosion potential, plant space constraints and, of course, the degree of efficiency and reliability needed for optimal economic and safe service. Whether designed for atmospheric or high pressure, all of our indirect fired heaters utilize a two-step process: generating combustion gas, and subsequently heating the process fluid through a separate heat exchanger.

Featuring integrated control systems, Thermal Transfer Corporation heaters are furnished complete or as pre-assembled components ready for simple field assembly, installation and easy startup. The products of advanced manufacturing techniques and painstaking quality assurance, they also incorporate the industry's most sophisticated, state-of-the-art technology. Thermal Transfer Corporation specializes in low NOx emission combustion systems, with many heaters producing extremely low levels. Our indirect fired heaters can enhance the efficiency and profitability of your process, while offering the following features:

  • High efficiency burners for lower fuel costs
  • Waste gas recycle options for the highest efficiency systems
  • Low NOx emission designs to accommodate pollution control mandates
  • ASME Code design and stamping for high pressure applications
  • Ceramic fiber insulation for faster startups
  • Pre-assembled components to minimize field labor
  • Totally integrated control systems
  • Space saving designs
  • Guaranteed performance

In addition to Thermal Transfer Corporation's indirect fired heaters, we also offer heaters for refractory lined vessels such as ladles, tundishes, vacuum degassing vessels, molds, induction furnaces, etc. These heaters preheat and/or dry out the vessel's internal refractory lining prior to the introduction of molten metal. They can be supplied with standard combustion systems, recuperative systems, or oxy-fuel systems. These vessel heaters have many of the features of our indirect fired heaters and are custom designed for each application.