Custom Fabrication

Thermal Transfer Corporation employs a team of skilled fabricators, certified welders, and degreed engineers with an average of 15 years’ service. We have the expertise to handle most any large fabrication projects. We are specialists in high alloy stainless steel and tube assemblies as well as large carbon steel fabrications and assemblies. We build ammonia piping skid assemblies for the NOx reduction systems designed by Hamon Research-Cottrell. We also manufacture valve train piping systems and combustion control units. Our facility is ISO:9001 compliant and maintains ASME “U”, “S’, and “R” stamps as well as UL-508A for control panel fabrication. The quality of our products is assured through the use of every appropriate NDE testing process; including X-ray, dye penetrant, hydrostatic and pneumatic pressure testing.

Thermal Transfer Corporation is located near Pittsburgh, PA and our facilities include a 146,000 sq. ft. fabricating shop and a 14,000 sq. ft. office building. We fabricate our products in one of the best-equipped manufacturing facilities in the industry. Our location provides us access to rail and barge shipping in addition to truck transportation.

Whether your requirement is for our standard line of heat transfer equipment, a custom designed product, or a build to print request, call us with your requirements and let us put our team to work for you.