Products & Technology

Natural Draft Cooling Towers

Natural draft cooling towers offer an environmentally friendly cooling solution due to the power savings that they can generate. In addition, the lack of mechanical equipment leads to limited maintenance, elimination of mechanical noise, and increased longevity.

Research Cottrell Cooling is uniquely capable of providing turnkey design and erection services for natural draft cooling towers.

Mechanical Draft Cooling Towers

Thanks to their design flexibility and cost effectiveness, mechanical draft cooling towers are ideally suited to most cooling duties and plant requirements.  With many references in this type of tower in the US, and with the research and development support of our parent company in Europe, Research Cottrell Cooling has come across all types of application requirements and developed solutions to meet them.  Each customer can take full advantage of this experience and expertise and receives an end product that is fine tuned to his particular requirements and budget.

Plume Abated Cooling Towers

A plume abated cooling tower, also known as a hybrid or wet/dry tower, is the best available solution where local constraints are such that the presence of a plume is not acceptable under normal conditions (i.e. along motorways, airports, or near residential areas).