About Us

Research Cottrell Cooling, Inc. (“RCC”) specializes in custom solutions for the full spectrum of cooling tower applications. Serving the power generation, petrochemical, chemical and related industries, RCC offers a wide array of capabilities including:

  • Turnkey design and erection of natural draft, mechanical draft and hybrid (wet/dry) plume abated cooling towers
  • Inspections, repairs, and upgrades to existing cooling towers
  • Supply of spare parts including mechanical equipment, fill media, drift eliminators, distribution systems, etc.

By way of our parent company, Hamon Corporation, RCC’s experience in cooling technology dates back over 100 years, and our successful applications number in the thousands.


Our vast development work experience, in cooperation with our cooling tower customers, has taught us a compelling lesson: to be competitive in the future, you need to be innovative today. That’s where Research Cottrell Cooling — and our tradition of finding bold new solutions — can help. With state-of-the-art products, analysis techniques, computerized simulation tools, and an advanced research laboratory, we are your source for innovative, complete cooling systems — economical and reliable solutions with your needs in mind.

  • RCC customers benefit from the considerable knowledge of our experienced project management staff
  • Lead RCC project managers’ average nearly 20 years directing all types of turn-key cooling tower projects
  • Key application, structural and thermal engineering staff possess an average of more than 15 years experience in cooling tower design and construction
    • Many hold advanced degrees in engineering or business
  • Experienced systems technology supplier
    • Knows the requirements of utility, petrochemical and other process industry owners
    • Will customize design concepts to specific project requirements

Expect Excellence

As an experienced systems technology supplier, we know the requirements of industry and power plant operators – and can tailor specific concepts to your individual needs. The result is fully customized products, completely in line with the challenges of your market and your future objectives – for an optimal solution right from the start. With a constant emphasis on safety and quality, RCC has a proven track record of successful projects and satisfied customers.