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2016-11-29 | Hamon Research-Cottrell has been awarded an Electrostatic Precipitator Purchase Order by ASARCO LLC , a major copper smelting facility in Hayden Arizona.
2016-11-23 | Hamon Research-Cottrell, Inc. has achieved a major milestone on the Wisconsin Public Service (WPS) Weston Unit 3 plant retrofit of our proprietary ReACT™ Multipollutant Scrubber project.
2016-06-03 | The concrete pour for the nearly 600 ft veil on the Unit 4 natural draft cooling tower was completed in May 2016.
2016-05-03 | at Marshalltown Generating Station In the spring of 2016, RCC completed construction of an 8-cell in-line mechanical draft cooling tower for KBR at the
2015-11-03 | as part of ExxonMobil’s North American Growth Project In the fall of 2015, RCC completed construction of a 7-cell in-line mechanical draft cooling tower for Mitsubishi Heavy Industries in Mont Belvieu, TX.
2015-02-03 | In July 2014, Hamon Deltak was awarded an HRSG by a joint venture between a major, US EPC firm and a major, US construction firm. Exhaust gasses from a Frame 7EA gas turbine will be utilized to generate steam for process applications.
2015-01-21 | Working with a major US EPC firm, Hamon Deltak was awarded the supply of a new supplementary fired HRSG for delivery to Alberta from its Plymouth, MN manufacturing shop.
2014-12-22 | Hamon Deltak, Inc. is supplying a Waste Heat Recovery System for a Hydrogen Plant located in Alberta, Canada. Scope of supply includes process steam generator, steam drums, flue gas waste heat recovery modules.
2014-12-22 | Hamon Deltak has received an order for a Waste Heat Recovery System for delivery to a refinery in Wyoming.
2014-12-22 | In May 2014, Hamon Deltak was awarded two HRSG’s by a major Japanese EPC firm. The HRSG’s will take the exhaust from Frame 6B turbines, with duct firing, for cogeneration service in a Singapore refinery.