Technical Services

Hamon Research-Cottrell Technical Services can lower the operating costs, improve the performance and extend the life of your pollution and emissions control equipment. Hamon Research-Cottrell maintains a technical staff with hands-on experience with all pollution and emissions control brands and components. Our staff can provide on-site support services, remote trouble shooting and a host of other services that keep plants operating in the most challenging situations.

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Inspection Services
Preventive maintenance during shut down gives you the key to continuous guaranteed performance, to an optimized life duration of equipment, and to cost savings. Contact Hamon Research-Cottrell for field service.
Consulting for Pollution Control and Emissions Control Equipment
Describes a few of the analysis and studies that are routinely performed by Hamon Research-Cottrell.
On-Site Training
When changing employees or new staffing upsets the experience had at your unit, Hamon Research-Cottrell can retrain your staff to assure the reliability, efficiency and availability.
Maintenance and Repair Consulting
During scheduled maintenance outages, always conduct an internal inspection of the Electrostatic Precipitator. This is the best preventative maintenance program to follow. An internal inspection may identify a small problem, that if found early, will be easy to fix before possibly manifesting into a bigger problem causing a forced/unscheduled outage. Also, during an outage, maintenance tasks can be done such as checking and cleaning all insulators and general house keeping.
Computational Fluid Dynamics Modeling
Hamon Research-Cottrell can assist you in these tasks with qualified Inspection and Repair services, staff and labor. You can turn your outage needs over to us.