Heat Recovery Steam Generators

Hamon Deltak, Inc. has been engineering and manufacturing HRSGs since 1974 and has 540 HRSGs installed around the world. As an industry leader, HDI engineers have experience designing HRSGs from small to large, with various levels of complexity. While all HDI HRSGs are noteworthy, we have worked on a couple projects that have paved the way for the rest of the industry:

  • The first “Ultra Low” Emissions HRSGs
  • The first superheated steam HRSGs for cruise ships relying solely on gas turbines.
  • The first high-fired waterwall furnace for a large combustion turbine


Modular Construction – HRSGs behind Small to F class GTs. Typically single wide units that are easy to ship and assembled in full modules in the field.

C-Section Construction – HRSGs behind F class or larger GTs. Typically double wide units, preassembled sections with casing and sidewalls, roof and floor, in 2 sections that are field-welded.

Bundle Construction – HRSGs behind Large Frame GTs. Double or Triple wide units where bundles are crane lifted and dropped into set casing.