Heat Recovery Steam Generators

Hamon Deltak has unmatched engineering talent to take on any HRSG project, regardless of the complexity, and provide the lowest lifetime cost, and best value for your product. We can meet any requirements on size or location while maintaining the same exceptional quality that’s expected from Hamon Deltak

An HRSG or heat recovery steam generator consists of four major components: the economizer, evaporator, superheater, and water preheater, although not all HRSG’s include all four. Each HRSG can have up to 3 pressure levels: high pressure (HP), intermediate pressure (IP), and low pressure (LP). Each pressure level section has an exclusive steam drum and evaporator where water is converted into steam. The superheaters increase the steam temperature past the saturation point.

Notable Hamon Deltak HRSG’s:

  • The world’s first “Ultra Low” emissions HRSG
  • The first superheated steam HRSG’s for cruise ships relying solely on gas turbines
  • The first high-fired waterwall furnace for a large combustion turbine.