Products & Technology

Combined Heat and Power

CHP systems provide their greatest return on investment when energy usage from the waste heat boiler is maximized. CHP waste heat boilers are no longer off the shelf products. It is critical to design a properly sized WHB for the greatest efficiency possible. Let the most experience team in the industry provide an optimal WHB design for your facility. The value of a properly executed CHP project is dictated by more than price alone.

Heat Recovery Steam Generators

An HRSG or heat recovery steam generator consists of four major components: the economizer, evaporator, superheater, and water preheater, although not all HRSG’s include all four. Each HRSG can have up to 3 pressure levels: high pressure (HP), intermediate pressure (IP), and low pressure (LP). Each pressure level section has an exclusive steam drum and evaporator where water is converted into steam. The superheaters increase the steam temperature past the saturation point.

Waste Heat Boilers

Hamon Deltak has unmistakable expertise and proven designs in process boilers, both fired and unfired. Our forty-plus years of engineering experience and advanced mechanical capabilities give us the confidence to tackle any unique customer request.