Technical Services

Our wide range of technical services can provide you with answers to your immediate concerns and long range plans and provide you experience where it is most needed.

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Following are some of the technical services offered by Hamon Deltak, Inc.

Engineering Services

  • Performance Analysis
    • Rerate Studies
    • Efficiency Improvement
    • System Redesign/Analysis
    • Performance Modeling/Testing
  • CFD Modeling
  • Finite Element Analysis
  • FAC Risk Assessment
  • Cycling Service Assessment
  • Root Cause Investigation

Field Services

  • Construction/Commissioning Advisory
  • Outage Advisory Services
  • Outage/Online Inspection Services for HRSGs, WHBs and Simple Cycle SCR Emissions Control Systems
    • Gas/Waterside Visual Inspection
    • UT/NDE Inspection Services
    • Borescope Inspections