About Us

Hamon Custodis is the premier industrial chimney company in North America, offering turnkey design, furnishing and erection services for new chimney construction and aftermarket chimney repair, maintenance and demolition.

Highly Specialized Engineering Resources

Hamon Custodis has the world’s largest staff of in-house engineering resources dedicated to design and construction of concrete chimneys and silos. This dedicated focus — a major strength for us — is the foundation upon which are our chimneys are built.

We’ve designed and built chimneys from 100 feet to over 1000 feet; we’ve erected concrete chimneys with a variety of brick, steel, and exotic alloy linings; we understand how they should operate under varying flue gas conditions; we can ensure structural integrity in areas with high winds or seismic activity. In short, our vast experience enables us to meet the exact process and site requirements of every chimney we build.

We’re also committed to getting involved on the ground floor of a project — a practice that enables us to completely follow through on design, construction, and start-up — saving our customers time and, most importantly, money.