Pulse Jet Fabric Filters

BaghouseHamon Research-Cottrell offers three types of pulse jet fabric filter cleaning technology.

  • Low pressure high volume (LPHV PJFF)
  • Medium pressure (MPPJ)
  • High pressure (HPPJ)

For utility scale applications, Hamon Research-Cottrell has continually improved its design for the low pressure high volume pulse jet which offers several unique advantages for operations and maintenance while achieving the highest level of performance.  This technology is rapidly becoming the leading selection by utilities for new and retrofit installations along with ESP-to-PJFF conversion projects.

High pressure pulse jets have been typically applied to smaller volume applications.

Hamon Research-Cottrell advantages and experience includes:

  • Wide range of applications, from 50,000 to over 3 million acfm.
  • High filtration rates (air-to-cloth ratio)
  • Bag lengths up to 29.5 feet or 9 meters.
  • Controlled gas flow and distribution via CFD analysis
  • High reliability coupled with very(,) low maintenance requirements
  • No high pressure compressors or dryers required with the LPHV type design
  • Large compartments with over 3,000 filter bags each