Key Interlock System Design

The complexity of interlock systems varies from installation to installation. As a rule of thumb, the larger the quantity of transformer-rectifiers and precipitator chambers, the more complex the interlock system can be. The addition of a transformer-rectifier or a precipitator chamber can result in significant changes to a precipitator interlock system. However, such changes may save the life of someone important.

Hamon Research-Cottrell has been designing key interlock systems for many years. In fact Research-Cottrell pioneered the use of interlocks on electrostatic precipitators. We therefore have vast experience in the design of precipitator key interlock systems and we work in close communication with several interlock manufacturers. Hamon Research-Cottrell can therefore provide new and upgraded interlock systems for both our own precipitator designs and for those of others.

Our work does not stop there. At Hamon Research-Cottrell, we document all changes to the interlock system and maintain those records.

Lose a key to a Hamon Research-Cottrell interlock system? Need a replacement lock? Simply contact us and we will determine via our extensive records the exact key match or lock requirements for your interlock system.