Steel Stacks

Steel StacksAs a world leading steel stack design, furnish and erect contractor, Hamon Custodis is the company of choice for utility, power, and industrial clients who demand superior quality, long-lasting performance and utmost operating safety from their steel stacks. Our unique skills, extensive experience, and dedicated professional staff continue to earn us recognition as the industry's most complete and trusted partner in providing innovative, enduring steel stack solutions and highly competent project management.

Steel StacksAs a full-service steel stack contractor with more than 1,000 installations worldwide, Hamon Custodis is well versed in all aspects of steel stack design, engineering and erection to meet virtually any project need no matter how small or large. From turnkey projects to complete project management, we offer single source responsibility that delivers the ideal engineered solution for any steel stack design.

We have designed and built steel stacks from 4 feet to 20 feet in diameter and from 50 feet to over 2Steel Stacks90 feet tall; stacks made from carbon steel, corten steel, stainless steel, and exotic alloy metals to deal with any flue gas condition: single wall and dual-wall stacks that provide structural integrity in areas with varying wind conditions or seismic activity; stacks for simple or combined cycle gas fired turbines, and dry FGD processes. In short, our vast experience enables us to meet the exact process and site requirements for every steel stack we design and erect.

Steel Stack Construction Techniques

Steel Stacks Construction TechniquesOver the years, Hamon Custodis has pioneered some of the most innovative steel stack erection techniques available including use of specialized lifting cranes, helicopters to lift preassembled sections in place on extremely tall stacks, and derrick systems for areas where site access or adjacent construction prohibits use of normal lifting equipment.

Steel Stack Complete Vibration and Corrosion Control

Petrochemical Steel Stack Vibration ControlPetrochemical Steel Stack Vibration ControlTwo of the biggest problems that can adversely affect steel stack operation are vibration and corrosion problems. Control of vibration that can lead to serious structural problems in steel stacks and tall steel structures due to their light mass and crosswind-induced conditions is a problem that has plagued both designers and owners of steel stacks alike. Hamon Custodis has the in-house capability to design, build, test, and install state-of-the-art vibration dampeners for use on any steel stack.

Through years of experience, Hamon Custodis has developed a thorough understanding of steel stack operation. This, combined with our ongoing association with qualified experts in corrosion control guides us in selection of appropriate materials and methods necessary to prevent corrosion. This experience has enabled us to develop corrosion-resistant stack designs that are reliable and proven over time. We are experts in lining stacks with gunite, brick, borosilicate glass block, stainless steel and high nickel alloy wallpaper, and are specialists in applying protective coatings to resist attack from highly corrosive flue gases.