Hamon Custodis

Alphons Custodis Chimney Construction CompanyHamon Custodis is the premier industrial chimney company in North America, offering turnkey design, furnishing and erection services for new chimney construction and aftermarket chimney repair, maintenance and demolition.

Hamon Custodis is a part of Hamon Corporation, which is a wholly owned subsidiary of the worldwide Hamon Group (Hamon & CIE). The company has a history of over 100 years, tracing its roots back to the German inventor of the perforated radial brick, Alphons Custodis. After inventing the radial brick in Germany c. 1869, he founded a company in Canada c. 1896, and in 1902, The Alphons Custodis Chimney Construction Company was incorporated in New York City. The invention of the radial brick allowed brick chimneys to be built taller, revolutionizing the industry. This allowed factories to discharge gases at greater heights, reducing ground level pollution and increasing draft.

Old LogosThroughout the 20th century, Custodis has been in the forefront of the concrete chimney business, pioneering reinforced concrete chimneys, and alloy and Fiberglass (FRP) lining systems. The first Custodis concrete chimney was built in 1906.

Custodis boasts over 10,000 chimneys built around the world, many of which were world record holders at the time of construction. Among these are the 585 ft. (178.3 m) tall brick chimney built in 1918 for Anaconda Copper Mining Company in Anaconda, Montana Anaconda Copper Brick Chimneywith an 86 ft. (26.2 m) base diameter, (which is still believed to be the tallest and largest brick chimney ever built), and concrete chimneys of 707 ft. (215.5 m) constructed in 1953, 826 ft. (251.8 m) built in 1966, and 1,100 ft. (335.3 m) erected in 1974.

Current chimney designs are typically shorter due to environmental advances; however, Hamon Custodis is commonly building 625 ft. (190 m) to 750 ft. (230 m) tall chimneys throughout the US.

ChimneysIn 1998, Hamon acquired Custodis, creating Hamon Custodis, and in 2001 Hamon Custodis purchased the ZBD Constructors (Balcke-Durr) chimney operations, completing the current organization. Today, Hamon Custodis is a full service chimney company that designs, builds, repairs and maintains reinforced concrete chimneys, steel stacks, brick chimneys and concrete silos. The company is headquartered in Somerville, NJ, with regional offices throughout the US and in Canada.

Hamon Custodis is currently involved in numerous projects for the design and construction of new chimneys for FGD additions at many US power plants, including an extensive program for one of the largest US electric utility companies. Hamon Custodis continues to be the largest provider of chimney aftermarket repair and maintenance services in North America with projects ranging from minor repairs to complete relining and renovations.

Hamon Custodis is active in most of the major chimney industry Code organizations and Committees, including CICIND, ACI 307, ASME STS-1, ASCE Condition Assessment, ASTM FRP Liners and the US National Stack and Chimney Labor Management Committee.